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Video: How to Use the Honda Parking Sensor System

Your Honda's parking sensor system is designed to help you avoid hitting objects in your path when you are driving forward or in reverse. Honda's innovative parking sensor system is included on select models, with some variation among trim levels. If your Honda comes equipped with parking sensors, you will want to learn how to use the sensors to make the most of your vehicle's premium safety features.

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Honda Civic Service Intervals

Honda Civic service intervals are on the mind of every responsible Civic owner. These are the critical milestones in your model's life where you need to see a certified auto technician for replacements or inspections. During routine oil changes, certified auto mechanics often visually inspect certain areas of your vehicle according to this Honda Civic maintenance schedule. This keeps your model running more efficiently and for much longer. For more precise intervals, your service manual will be handy, as each trim has different intervals.

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About Aid for Educators

The classroom is a sacred place for Texas teachers and students, a place where they can explore the many academic subjects in our world. To properly educate, teachers need the right supplies to drive home their lessons. Students benefit from well-financed teachers, and society by extension, benefits from students who've had good education over the years. Aid for Educators wants to give teachers the grants they need to supply their classrooms with materials adequately.

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