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2019 Honda CR-V Model Review

The 2019 Honda CR-V is a favored compact SUV that has serious off-road capability and is still suitable for daily driving. The interior space is easy to utilize and includes 60/40-split rear seats that quickly fold by pulling a lever. A two-tier setup is featured on the floor of the cargo area and allows items to be secured while the car is in motion. The exterior has undergone a few changes with its wider stance and aggressive wheel designs, which causes it to appear intimidating and athletic. It now features 7.8 feet of ground clearance, which means that it can drive on roads that have plenty of snow or dirt. The rear is less round, which causes it to appear tougher and bolder.


2019 Honda Civic vs Competitors

Use this third-party compare tool to see how the 2019 Honda Civic compares to the Acura ILX, Chevy Cruze, Ford Fiesta and other vehicle models.


Buy It! Top 5 New Car Buying Myths

Buying a new car can be a confusing process for those who are new to the process. When it comes to the right time of the month to purchase the vehicle or trading in a current car that you own, there are many myths that buyers believe. If you want to enjoy a smooth car buying process and get the best deal on the transaction, there are a few new car buying myths to learn.