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Honda AC Repair

An AC breakdown is the worst way to spend even a portion of your summer. Sadly, the added stress put on the air conditioner can very well cause system breakdown and malfunction. Problems of an assorted variety can cause trouble no matter what make or model Honda you drive. Fortunately, certified AC repair experts can efficiently repair any issue that affects a properly working AC.


Honda Transmission Repair

Are you wondering if the time has come to schedule transmission service for your Honda? Some Honda drivers are aware that regular transmission maintenance service is essential for the longevity of their vehicle, but they do not know what is required or when to schedule the service. Others may be wondering if some unusual activity in their vehicle is related to transmission damage. Regardless of your concerns related to the transmission in your Honda, you can feel confident that your vehicle is in great hands when you bring it to us.


New 2019 Honda Odyssey Review

Fans of the Odyssey will be pleased to know that the minivan is still packed with tech features and fun to drive in 2019. Although little has changed for this model year, some features that were previously available as add-ons are now standard. The higher level trims, for instance, now have an extra USB charging port in the center console.