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Are you shopping for a Honda car online? If you are, you have come to the right place because we give you access to a wide variety of Honda models through Accelerate. Accelerate is a platform that we designed to help our customers buy a car online conveniently without the hassle and difficulties that come with having to visit our offices physically.


Used Cars for Sale in Arlington, TX

Welcome to Vandergriff Honda. We are the go-to spot when drivers in our area need a new or used vehicle. We carry a broad spectrum of used vehicles comprised of previously leased models and high-quality trade-ins. You will never feel like you are short on options because our inventory is constantly being refreshed as we make deals on a daily basis. We are a dealer after all.


How to Turn Honda Lane Assist On and Off

Select models of Honda vehicle have a Lane Assist System available (marked LKAS on the menu) that enables people to be safer as they travel in their own lane. That's sort of what driving is all about, at least in a safety sense. It's your goal to stay in your own lane and never veer over to the left or right enough to cause an accident. Changing lanes can sometimes be dangerous, especially if it's on a heavily traveled highway area where many cars are lined up making their journey. The purpose of Honda's Lane Assist feature is to give you an alert when you begin getting out of your own lane and become dangerously close to crowding someone else on the road.